Welcome to Moment Balance Boards.

Based in Boulder, CO our goal is to help you improve your balance, fitness, athleticism, and most of all, help you respond better to the “Moment” of being out of balance.

Our patent-pending flagship product, the Moment Balance Board, aims to bridge the gap between recreational skiers, racers and freeskiers when it comes to understanding the relationship between a skier's center of gravity, ski boot pressure, and how that pressure affects a skis' ability to turn.

By using the Moment Balance Board as a fitness and a training device, skiers of all abilities may be able to achieve that ah-ha "Moment"... where their body mechanics line up, and their skis feel like they're turning themselves. This can be a profound experience indeed and we look forward to helping you find that "Moment".

In addition to our fagship Moment Balance Board, we also offer a variety of other types of balance boards, accessories, merch as well as insightful blogs and videos from our staff and sports, psychology and ski experts.