Maintaining Proper Body Mechanics While Skiing

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Crucial for Optimal performance and safety on the slopes.

The center of gravity plays a major role in this balance, and understanding the relationship between the center of gravity and the pressure applied to the ski boots can greatly improve a skier's ability to carve efficiently.

One company that aims to help skiers improve their body mechanics is Moment Balance Boards of Boulder, CO. Their patent-pending flagship balance trainer t is designed to closely mimic the required center of gravity adjustment and ankle flexion for turning efficiently on high-performance skis.

According to Scott Weiss, the founder of Moment Balance Boards and a former collegiate ski racer and junior alpine ski coach, “Moment Balance Boards was founded in part to bridge the gap between recreational skiers, seasoned racers and Free skiers when it comes to body mechanic awareness. Many skiers may spend a lifetime and countless dollars on lessons or new gear without fully understanding the relationship between their center of gravity and the pressure applied to their ski boots, and how that pressure affects their skis”.

The Ah-hahhhh Moment

Moment's CEO continues, “But when a skier experiences an ‘ah-ha’ moment, where their body mechanics line up and their skis are carving with confidence and much less effort, it can be a profound experience. It took me until I was 20 years old to have this “moment” and it still resonates with me to this day.  I had been skiing since I was 4, and had several race coaches. My last coach suggested a single drill and within seconds, my body was finally in the right stance and the skis almost felt like they were turning themselves. That was the Moment where the 16 years of skiing caught up to me. Now suddlenly, with this newfound and efficient control, I felt a freedom on the hill that I never had experienced."

Mission Possible

By using a balance trainer like The Moment Balance Board, skiers may be able to achieve this level of body mechanics understanding like Moment’s founder did years ago. 

Connecting the Body Dots

In summary, the relationship between a skier's center of gravity and the pressure applied to their ski boots is crucial for efficient carving, even if you are not a racer. Tools like the Moment Balance Board can help skiers improve their body mechanics and achieve a deeper understanding of this relationship, leading to improved performance and enjoyment on the slopes.