Injury Prevention

The Role Of Balance Board Training In Preventing Injuries On The Slopes

Skiing and snowboarding can be dangerous sports, and injuries are all too common
Fitness Routine

Incorporating Balance Board Training Into Your Fitness Routine For A Full-Body Workout

Incorporating balance board training into your daily routine can be a fantastic way to enhance your overall fitness, boost your coordination, and improve your stability. 

The Benefits Of Balance Board Training For Athletes

Balance board training is a great way for athletes to improve their balance and coordination

The "Moment" of Losing Balance

How Balance Board Training Can Help Athletes Avoid Common Physiological Responses Have you ever lost your balance and felt that panic-stricken "moment" where everything seems to be an out of body...
Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan and Embracing the Moment

How Balance Board Training Can Help You Perform at Your Best: Part 1 According to Michael Jordan, "the Moment" was a state of mind in which he was completely focused and in the present moment. He ...

Maintaining Proper Body Mechanics While Skiing

Crucial for Optimal performance and safety on the slopes. The center of gravity plays a major role in this balance, and understanding the relationship between the center of gravity and the pressure...